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We are happy to announce that the puppies from the litter "C" have been born February 11, 2016 - 7 girls and 3 boys. It's your last chance to get a puppy from our outstanding female Baša. Father of these puppies is a polish dog Gaplan Jr. Onur’s Kanli - an excellent representative of the breed imported from Turkey directly from the legendary breeder of Kangals in their homeland Onur Kanli.

International breeder | Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Kangal
"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

About Us

In 2011, we fill out our big dream. We bought a house in the countryside, almost in the wilderness. Even before we started the reconstruction of the house, it was important to fence land for our dog - female German Mastiff named Viki. From the beginning, we knew that we seek to her one more guard. Because we live in the Podkrkonoší and mastiff can´t tolerate the winter, our priority was clear. Find breed resistant, unpretentious, affectionate to his family and other animals, but also vigilant of strangers. A dog, who protects us and our house. After a long search we discovered a little-known Turkish breed - Anatolian Shepherd. Today we can say that we had made the right decision. This independent and proud breed has earned our admiration and our hearts.

About Breed

An integral part of the Turkish economy had always been sheep and goat breeding. Local residents mostly in the Anatolian plateau, still bread on the vast grasslands of the large herds of ruminants. An indispensable help herders are here since time immemorial Shepherd Dogs - Coban Kopegi. Rough land with extremely hot summers and freezing winters, these dogs gradually formed a very durable, lightweight and independent breed. These dogs often have a herd alone several months. They lived under the open sky on a very restricted foot, to protect herd from predators and had themselves evaluate various situations.

There's multiple Turkish Shepherd breeds, all of which are purely natural, do not suffer from inherited or other diseases. Most represented are: Kangal, Anatolian Akbas and Mastiff. Each breed is different in character and appearance. However, because in Turkey there is no organization that would control the breeding of dogs, there is not led by any breeding book. Therefore FCI has recognized as standard breed Anatolian Shepherd Dog, which ranks below all Turkish breeds and their crossbreeds. This is unfortunately a big mistake and looking for ways to remedy the situation. In the Czech Republic under the name of Anatolian Shepherd dog breeds only Kangal.


Its name means "White Head". It's a high white dog with a lighter body structure. It has ingrained guarding instinct and is naturally aggressive. It occurs in the form of short-and long-haired.

Anatolian Mastiff

Anatolian mastiff is the largest of the Turkish breeds. It is extremely strong, powerfully built with a broad head. Robust breed like Mastiff - weighs up to 120 kg (265 lbs).


Kangal is specific, little known but very old Turkish breed of shepherd dog. In Europe, it behaves under the standard no. 331 as the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Named after the aristocratic family Kangals province of Sivas.

Kangals who still belong to the upper strata of society for centuries deliberately crossed the dogs selected exterior and temperament characteristics. Precisely for this reason, it was an absolutely distinctive type of dog, which now have the Turks for their national breed. Kangals exports from Turkey is forbidden

This is a big dog, but overall not act robustly and cumbersome. It has very light "lion" walking. Kangals are very fast and relentless runners. They have beige color, in shades from light to dark gray. Dogs must have a black mask and black ears, use or whole black head. They have white markings on the chest and white paws. They have a short, dense coat.

They are watchdogs, but not to be aggressive without reason. They are very intelligent and independent, and under all circumstances protecting his flock. Standard is created Kangal Club of America. In the Czech Republic every Kangal belongs to the breed Anatolian Shepherd dog but not everyone Anatolian Shepherd dog is purebred Kangal.

Contact information

Marek Kvarda

phone: +420 603 216 765
address: Hajnice 166, 544 66
Turkish Diamond Breeding Station certifiate
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For future owners

If you still hesitate to buy a dog for what we have for you some information. Everything, here is our experience:
  • dogs need a fenced yard, otherwise they independently increase the size of the territory;
  • breed poorly trained, reluctant to blindly obey commands, training is lengthy, it must be natural and unforced;
  • during the day they look lazy, but they have everything that is happening overview, night watchmen are absolutely unbeatable;
  • when they start barking, always have a reason;
  • love family welcome guests respect, love children;
  • love walking, they run to wildlife;
  • do not like cuddling, they can decide when they want your attention;
  • well tolerate freezing temperatures and love snow;
  • do not harm other animals at home;
  • their size little to eat;
  • do not unreasonably aggressive, but in a pack of other dogs have a dominant place;
  • much love to dig, they like rolling around;
  • they "suffer" at home and love being outdoor;
  • for their size, they tend to live long (12 to 15 years).
  • Kangal are late dogs; type and characteristically has shaped up around the second year of life;
  • for healthy physical and mental development need to move;
  • always treat your dog with love, patience and trust!

Our Dogs


Boz Bashrah from Shadow of Linden - Baša - born 1. 6. 2011. We brought Baša from breeding station Mrs. MVDr. Mikešová. She was from eleven puppies. Her mother is Baruschka von Tahlspere from Mr. Václavík (a longtime breeder of this breed in the Czech Republic). Her father is Polish and Dutch champion Endever Erhan from Poland.

Baša is very successful at exhibitions, majestic female. She boasts the titles of Junior Champion, Czech Champion and currently we are missing the last appreciation of Grand Champion. After the first puppy she became totally self-confident, proud dog lady. She is absolutely balanced and will not let anything fly off the handle. All she does is well thought out. In the pack she is dominant, the other guards, left a lot to like, but she wants procures immediately respect. To family members totally devoted to strangers vigilant.

Baša chose us alone at the first visit. She quickly made friends with our second female and other animals. How to the puppies grow in Miss, we started thinking that we would try an exhibition. We signed up Baša into MVP in České Budějovice, where we succeeded very well. This encouraged us and gave courage to send registration to the next show. To our great delight, we found that we receive from our Baša successful model. Then the idea was born at her of breeding. We succeeded. We went to Prague at x-ray of joints, all the results turned out very well. Dysplasias were zero. In autumn 2012, we were on the breeding and we have successfully have achieved of breeding. Throughout the following spring we were looking for a groom, we finally found an excellent dog - real Kangal - far beyond the borders in Poland, whose owner is Poland's largest breeder of these dogs named Darek Kostanowitz.


O'Gazel Kangal Ikinci Panter D. K. Bubu - Gazel - born 20. 8. 2013. We brought Gazel from breeding station in Poland in 2013. She is one of fourteen puppies. Her mother is Esmeray and father Panter Kobra- Polish champion. He comes from the old Turkish Panter line of Sivas region. She was one of 14 puppies after her parents are delicious Turkish ancestors, balanced temperament and exterior one of the most desirable dogs at present.

We left the choice to the breeder which has many years of experience and several times per year staying in Turkey between local breeders. It was confirmed to us that we have done well. Darek, excellent Kangal breeder and our friend, to us really chose the most beautiful lady of the litter. It prove her show results.

Of the nine international exhibitions has she eight top awards. When she was one year old, she was awarded the "Junior Champion" title. She is good guard, friendly, easygoing and loving dog.


Askim Flagellum dei - Kimi - born on 25.5.2014. Kimi was imported from Slovakia in 2014. Her mother Aga- beautiful representative of the breed Kangal, her father was imported directly of Sivas region in Turkey and in 2013 won the World Dog Show in Hungary. Kimi's father - Duman - also imported from Turkey. She's very attractive type of Kangal.

Kimi was from only two puppies. Initially had trouble to integrate into the pack because she did not know her hierarchy. After several mutual skirmishes found her place and reluctantly acquiesced to others. She is very contact, docile and idiosyncratic. Much to learn from others and with Gazel are inseparable pair. Continually "horse around" and they invent what they have done.

Kimi will show up on the show in 2015. Let yourself be surprised what you have inherited from their ancestors.

All our dogs we breed in a common pack in the garden, where they have freedom of movement. Dogs have intentionally all together to know the hierarchy of the pack and learn to be with other individuals and tolerate them. From childhood is also taking between other animals, they move daily among poultry, sheep and cats. These habits should transmit to their offspring. Every day with them, go for walks around the neighborhood, normally move to free. Leashes use only in training and exhibitions.

Kangal is a specific breed - dogs don’t tolerate gross violence; Training would be conducted gradually in a playful way. They are dogs who are being raised with love. Our dogs can do basic commands - recall, sit, down, stay. Mistake in upbringing may be of some individuals become aggressive or vice versa timid dogs who refuse to cooperate. A person they have to build a natural authority, they must be fully paid, otherwise they begin to make decisions with complete freedom and become unmanageable.

Our dogs do not behave in pens and were never tied to a chain.

Litter A

On 18.6.2013 to us were born 12 puppies. Birth took place without problems for a period of 11 hours. Baša has become a proud and caring mother of 3 girls and 9 boys.


Boz Basrah from Shadow of Linden - APP, born 1. 6. 2011. Czech Junior Champion, 3x BOB, DKK, DLK 0/0. Her father Endever Erhan - 100% kangal, Polish and Dutch Champion, DKK 0/0. Her mother Baruschka von Tahlspeere - Czech Champion, DKK 0/0.


Tosun Talas Kangal - 100% kangal, born 20. 11. 2009. Polish Champion, DKK 0/0. His father Pithon, from legendary lineage Panther, from world renowned breeder mrs. Elisabeth v. Buchwaldt. His mother Lokum from legendary kangal breed Onura Kanli. Tosun has dominant genes that passes on to his offsprings. Puppies from this litter are 75% Kangals.

All puppies of litter A are already in their new homes! We believe that all the puppies now live in good conditions and cared for with love and understanding. New owner, please be patient and gentle approach to their upbringing. We would all like to take this opportunity to wish you good health and a long life together.

Litter B

On May 18, 2015 our female Baša gave birth to 11 wonderfull and healthy puppies.


Boz Basrah from Shadow of Linden - APP, born 1. 6. 2011. Czech Junior Champion, 3x BOB, DKK, DLK 0/0. Her father Endever Erhan - 100% kangal, Polish and Dutch Champion, DKK 0/0. Her mother Baruschka von Tahlspeere - Czech Champion, DKK 0/0.


Panter Cobra - majestic and atractively coloured Kangal with exceptional character, winner of Poland. Offspring of an old working lineage.

We would like to keep breeding this exceptional breed in the forseeable future. Our dogs give us joy and guard our house and farm, they're not the source of our livelihood. For all the puppies we are trying to find the best new homes. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject those potential owners, who wouldn't be able to provide good conditions for the dogs and their happy future life.

Choosing a puppy?

When choosing a puppy it is good to remember a few basic things:
  • check out both parents;
  • find out whether the parents of breeding;
  • make sure that parents are not relatives (unfortunately the puppy can get pedigree)
  • check references from other long-time breeders;
  • want to know the show results;
  • ask for registration of breeding;
  • find out the results of joint dysplasia - ideal A (0);
  • dogs must not be aggressive;
  • dogs must not be timid;
  • do not buy puppies below the normal price - it always has a reason ;
  • never do not buy puppy without the written purchase contract ;
  • look for color, without spots, black mask and black ears;
  • collect information from multiple sources (breeders).